The meaningful mission…

Canine Cove is dedicated to bringing you the most aesthetic, tranquil, lag-free furry sim on the grid. Through vigilant effort and sparing no expense, it is our intentions to show you beyond clubs and yiff lounges, what being a furry really can be. Let us make your night memorable with endless cuddle spots, hangout areas, active residents, and plenty of interactive things to do like riding bikes, going sailing, watching movies, or hitting the slots.

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The sultry story…


Canine Cove wasn’t always like it is now, an aesthetic and beautiful home, it was downright messy and chaotic! It was a really, a place to play and create, but it was somber and quiet. It was during the upswing of the grid that Canine Cove started to develop into a showcase of all things extraordinary and over the years it went through many, many redesigns from the ground up starting with returning every last prim on the sim as building would start all over again. This would go on for years, every month or three the cove would transform yet again into something new and fanciful. Eventually those close to the Cove’s resident architect would win out, and Canine Cove’s doors would finally be opened to the public for all to enjoy.

This too brought challenges, from griefing to drama, but the cove prospered and would go on to become a full-scale estate with rentals.

Rentals at Canine Cove brought major changes, altering the dynamics of it’s Residents and visitors, causing Canine Cove to be compressed down into a fourth of the space it had previously known, and restrictions on the designs and layout it had become known for. Further, it would go on to isolate and silence the cove’s many residents, and it’s ownership would grow dark and tired. After a year of testing turbulent waters, Canine Cove would go on to discontinue it’s rentals despite agitation it caused to it’s renters who enjoyed the significantly-cheaper prices and low lag environment, in order to reaffirm it’s status as a homely and aesthetic furry community.


The grid had changed however, and many of Canine Cove’s residents we’re occupied and taken away from Second Life to varying degrees. This began to waver Canine Cove’s now monstrous expenses to sustain a sim previously intended to be supported by rentals, and finally after some wavering Canine Cove’s ownership would decide it was time for a curtain call, for what was feared to be an indefinite closure.

“It [Canine Cove] was a haven for dreamers. It was a world of like-minded creators and believers that Second Life had more to offer. It was my home, turned family, turned thriving community based on a simple pursuit of a meaningful happiness… The thing that made Canine Cove great, it’s residents, have gone on to pursue their desires…”

Time would be forgiving however, easing schedules and stress, and offering rest and opportunity to reflect and reconsider. The Davis family had persisted as it always had done, and a dawning realization had occurred. Canine Cove is our home, and it will exist as long as our family continues to do so. Through good and bad, thick and thin, we are and always will be.

“Welcome home.”

For this reason Canine Cove has finally reopened it’s doors with a fresh and beautiful design, and the community of family and friends that people that so many had grown to love. We welcome you to return to Canine Cove, to visit with us and rediscover the enchanting restfulness to a sim unlike any other.

The remarkable Residents…

Rider Davis
Digital Overlord
Atticus Davis
Thought Provoker
Aala Davis
Chief Thinker
Flaranor Davis
Marketing Guru
Wright Davis
Director of Fundom
Kat Davis
Mail Demi-God

The daring destination…

The rational rules…


Being disrespectful such as excessive gestures, using weapons, drama, spam-rezzing, rudeness,
& TPing directly to people is not permitted.


Sexual content is permitted,
but please keep sexual interactions in IM instead of local and respect the privacy of others doing the same.


Using Canine Cove to advertise your services or business isn’t just super rude, it’s also not permitted.


Photography and video is permitted with proper credit & permission from those involved.

The cushy contact…